December 2018 Guide for Conscious Eating

December guide for conscious eating

’Tis the season! It is, officially, winter in most parts of the country and the markets are full of some wondrous produce.

Purple yams, eggplants that turn to silk when cooked, tender Jowar, and luscious strawberries!

Here are our top picks for the month and what to do with them!

Purple Yam

This beautiful tuber is an essential ingredient in the Gujarati seasonal specialty, Undhiyu and is known for its mild laxative and anti-bacterial properties, both of which come in handy in the cold weather, when digestion can be slow.

Steam, bake or boil it as you would a sweet potato and use in curries, or simply make a show-stopping mash for your holiday dinner table.

You can also use it in place of potatoes for Chaat.

Ponkh or Hurda

This is the season when the tender sorghum or Jowar is harvested.

A great source of joy and nutrition alike, Ponkh is simply not to be missed. The tender, iridescent grain is rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and a variety of vitamins, so it is a complete meal in itself.

Find yourself an invitation to a Ponkh Party, where fresh cobs of Jowar are roasted on coals and served with a plethora of condiments or simply buy some tender Ponkh at the local market and use it to make a Khichdi or salad.

Masala Green Tea

What better than a mug of spiced tea to cradle in your hands on a cold morning?

A Green Tea Masala Chai, that’s what! Try this green tea infusion with warming, organic spices such as cloves, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom and drink to good health!

Mustard Oil

While the flavour of mustard oil may be an acquired one for some, do try it in small quantities this winter.

Mustard is known to have warming properties, and mustard oil is even used as a remedy for arthritic joints, which get worse in the cold.

Use small quantities in the marinade for Tandoori-style grilling or stir fry cauliflower and potatoes in it for a basic subzi; just remember to heat it to smoking point if you’re using it as a cooking medium.


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