November 2018 Guide to Conscious Eating

November Guide to Conscious Eating


Testing times begin! The festive season is well underway and the weather is also changing to a cooler, more appetite-friendly one! It’s hardly fair on your system (and your peace of mind) if you even attempt to stay away from all the goodies.

But here’s a quick list of conscious choices that will help you indulge as well as strike that elusive balance.  

Raw Sugar

Mithais that don’t give you even a hint of a sugar high or seem like gym food are of hardly any use during festivities, right?

So go ahead and make your mithais at home and go ahead and use sugar.

Our only suggestion is to use raw sugar as opposed to refined sugar because through this, your body benefits from the minerals that are inherent to natural sugars.

Raw sugar will also give you greater satisfaction in small amounts.


Nagpuri oranges are in season and every fruit cart in every bazaar is full of these glossy green-orange fruits.

The local solution to every Vitamin C deficiency, don’t forget to eat an extra one if you have the sniffles.

Add them to salads and breakfast granolas but also carry them in your bag every single day to work so you have something refreshing to eat in case you get stuck in traffic.


White and pink Rajma, tender French beans, Guvar (cluster beans), and at least three varieties of Sem or Paapdi (broad beans) are now in season.

These are great for sugar metabolism and therefore, recommended for diabetics.

Make stews of the seeds (like Rajma) or quick stir fries using the green beans—soy and ginger, coriander powder and ghee, garlic and red chili—these are just some flavor combinations you can play around with.

Suji Halwa Mix

The Conscious Food Suji Halwa Mix is made from sprouted Suji, which is light on the digestive system and has a higher protein content than regular semolina.

The sweetener is raw sugar, which makes it a sensible dessert option by itself but if you are really up for some experimentation, try using this mix to make Suji Laddoos (Rawa Laddoos) or Barfis as well.

You will find that the flavor is deeply satisfying and the guilt, negligible!   


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