October 2017 Guide for Conscious Eating

October 2017 Guide for Conscious Eating

Sweet limes

After a period of fasting, gut cleansing, and calorie burning, we should be all set for the festive season.

Diets be damned, bring on the laddoos! But (there’s always a but), let’s be adult about this feasting—we will enjoy our mithai and namkeen a tad bit more if we weave a little conscious, seasonal eating through our indulgences.

Here are our favourite picks for October:

  • Sweet Limes: The weather is getting unpredictable—there is some of that humid October heat and there are cooler evenings.

    Sweet limes or Mausambis have returned to the market in all their plump, juicy glory—pick the yellowish-green ones with a shiny skin (more juice!) and eat them simply sprinkled with chaat masala or add to salads along with sharp lettuces, spring onions, and pomegranates.

    They’re great for roughage and Vitamin C, of course, but mostly, they’re delicious!

Awla powder

  • Awla Powder: The Conscious Food Awla powder is an excellent option for those immunity boosting smoothies (simply add a spoonful in combination with honey) or sprinkle over a platter of freshly cut fruit (with Sendha namak, much like chaat masala).

    This innocent looking powder will help you keep those dust allergy-related sniffles away.

  • Pumpkins: Diwali or Halloween, the pumpkins are just as tempting—the market is flooded with golden yellow-orange pumpkins of all sizes and shades, and these are great for soups, roasted for salads and bhartas, or cooked long and slow in a stew or sabzi.

    Or just mash them up, add a sweetener or choice and use in a cake recipe or add atta and fry into puris.


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