Tomato Ketchup: Mass-Produced vs. Local by Conscious Food

Tomato Ketchup: Mass-Produced vs. Local by Conscious Food

Written by Siddhi Latey (Weloquent)


Lip-smacking condiments are an indispensable element of any Indian meal. Our plates appear somewhat empty without a spoonful of chutneys, pickles, or achaar that add their distinct flavours to nibblers and main course alike. Among these flavour enhancers, is one that you are bound to find on the shelf of every Indian kitchen: the tangy tomato ketchup. Enhancing the flavours of sandwiches, potato fries, burgers, pizzas, and sometimes even the much-loved Maggi, tomato ketchup is a ubiquitous solution to fill in bland flavours and enhance delectable ones.

While the humble tomato ketchup is supposedly popularised by the American culture, the origin of ketchup itself comes from the Chinese word, kê-chiap, a sauce of pickled fish and spices. In an effort to replicate the flavours of Asia, the early British ketchup recipes included mushrooms, walnuts, oysters, or anchovies. It was only in 1812 that James Mease, scientist and horticulturist, published the first known tomato ketchup recipe that contains tomato pulp, spices, and brandy.

Fast-forwarding to now, ketchup is believed to incorporate fresh and juicy tomatoes thus making it a healthy condiment. However, because of the use of chemical-based preservatives, lack of proper quality checks, and overuse of flavour enhancers, mass-produced tomato ketchup may be doing more harm to your health than good.

Here are a few reasons why we should replace mass-produced ketchup with organic and preservative-free versions such as those by Conscious Food:-  

Enjoy Locally Sourced Tomatoes

Since tomatoes are the primary ingredient in tomato ketchup, they must be fresh and of superior quality. Usually, mass distributors of tomato ketchup use tomatoes that have been produced thousands of miles away. To allow tomatoes to sustain this journey, they are pickled and preserved, and hence lose their freshness and flavour.

In contrast, organic ketchup that is made up of locally sourced tomatoes, does not require the process of preservation or  artificial interference. Conscious Food Artisanal Ketchup is made from fresh certified organic Alankar and Rasila tomatoes grown in Maharashtra. Every spoonful of this juicy condiment promises premium quality and a superior taste.       

Steer Away from Excess Sugar

Condiments are known to augment the taste of meals and seduce our taste buds with addictive flavours. Unfortunately, to achieve this goal and neutralise the tanginess of tomatoes, mass-producers of tomato ketchup pump in high amounts of sugar or fructose corn syrup in their ketchup. In the long run, these ingredients can negatively impact your gut health, insulin levels and weight. 

Contrarily, Conscious Food steers clear of fructose corn syrup and uses their very own all-natural raw sugar, certified organic spices, and seasonings in the preparation of their tomato ketchup, thus prioritising our health.        

Taste Authentic Flavours

The flavour of tomato that you think you taste in the mass-produced ketchup, is unfortunately that of added tomato flavour powder, and not real tomatoes.

If you prefer to enjoy authentic flavours of tomatoes, then you should try the tangy yet sweet offering by Conscious Food. Subtly flavoured with fresh Indian celery and red onion, the recipe of Tomato Ketchup used by Conscious Food has been tried, tested, and carefully curated for good health and the Indian flavour palate.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

To meet the rapidly increasing consumer demand for tomato ketchup, several businesses rely on mass production which compromises the quality and the taste of the product. To multiply production capacities, mass-producers of tomato ketchup also compromise on quality-checks. 

Prioritising the health and hygiene factor, Conscious Food believes that cooking needs to be done with love. We prepare our superior quality tomato ketchup in small batches using chemical-free ingredients. Not only does this help maintain stringent quality checks, but also helps retain the authentic taste of the tomato ketchup.    

Offer Community Support  

Ethical business practices build the foundation of a strong community. Local businesses can help promote a sense of togetherness by empowering employees and helping the underprivileged lead a better lifestyle. Hence, Conscious Food sources tomatoes for their ketchup from a local NGO led by women who battle  caste, class, gender, language, and ethnicity-based discriminations. The NGO envisions a just, equitable, and democratic society for these women and attempts to provide them with a positive learning experience and the ability to work their way up to afford a comfortable future.

Just as businesses endeavour to give back to society, conscious consumerism is an opportunity for buyers to show their support for ethical business practices. Purchasing local and organic foods is a simple step in this journey that benefits the environment, the society and your health. 

Tomato ketchup by Conscious Food is not only fruity and rich in taste, but also incorporates natural, local, non-GMO, chemical-free ingredients, and is devoid of any added flavours and preservatives.  


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