5 Amazing health benefits of Organic Jaggery

5 Amazing health benefits of Organic Jaggery

Switching to a healthy lifestyle does not mean bidding farewell to desserts. There are a lot of options available to replace refined sugar. But in most cases, they end up causing more harm than good.


Artificial sweeteners are more dangerous than white sugar in the long run. But do not worry, there is a much healthier and equally sweet alternative available. Organic Jaggery is the healthiest, naturally obtained, and closest substitute of sugar. Available in 3 forms- powder, blocks, and liquid, organics jaggery has a lot of health benefits as well. One can easily find organic jaggery online or in stores.


Say Goodbye To Iron Deficiency:

Jaggery is an excellent source of iron which is essential in the production of hemoglobin in the body. Eating a piece of jaggery daily can help women deal with PMS symptoms including cramps, mood swings, and abdominal pain. Eating a small piece of jaggery can fulfill your daily requirement of iron. This is highly recommended for Anaemia Patients.


Free From Harmful Chemicals:


Organic jaggery is obtained from the juice of sugarcane. The juice is boiled until it thickens and hardens. The pure goodness from nature itself is then packaged and sold in small portions as jaggery powder online. Switching to organic jaggery limits your exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides. With less exposure to toxins, organic jaggery is found to be rich in vitamins and minerals. 


Low In Calories Than Sugar And Rich In Vitamins:


Sweeter than table sugar, jaggery is much lower in calories comparatively. Sugar leads to weight gain, whereas jaggery helps with water retention in the body, hence promoting weight loss. Organic jaggery is rich in vitamins like iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium. According to Ayurveda, jaggery that is free from chemicals is an exceptional remedy for breathing disorders. Jaggery helps to clear the passage and deals with chest congestion while sugar has no health benefits.


Acts As A Detox:


This is the sweetest way to detox your body. Jaggery cleanses the liver by flushing out toxins from the body. Eat a small piece of jaggery every day to remove harmful toxins from your body and improve Liver health. 


Increases Immunity In A Tasty Way:


Jaggery is power-packed with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium that help prevent free radicals which make jaggery anti-aging as well. It boosts resistance against infections and strengthens your immunity.


Improves Digestion:


Jaggery activates the digestive enzymes in our body by helping bowel movements. Our ancestors were right when they advised us to eat something sweet after the meals. Eating a piece of jaggery after meals aids digestion and prevents constipation.   


Treats Flu-like Symptoms:


This magical natural sweetener keeps the energy levels in check if used for an extended period. The most common problems like cough, cold, bloating, water retention, migraine, etc. can be easily cured by incorporating Jaggery into the diet. Just mix a spoonful of jaggery powder in a glass of warm water or use it in place of sugar in your tea/coffee to reap the full benefits of organic jaggery.
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