Great Taste Awards 2020

Great Taste Awards 2020

We are really honoured to announce that Conscious Food has been the recipient of three Great Taste Award 2020 for our organically produced Gir Cow Ghee, Virgin Coconut Oil and Raw Sugar.

Great Taste is the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink award. It is organised by the Guild of Fine Food (UK), and is the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink. 

With a panel of more than 500 experts retailers from all corners of the food world, this is an expeditious way of getting genuine, straightforward and impartial feedback from food experts. Let's see what they had to say about our products:


Virgin Coconut Oil



"This has a lovely soft coconut aroma. On the palate it isn't greasy and has a lovely smooth mouthfeel. It's very clean tasting and the coconut settles well on the tongue and lingers on the finish. Not oily or cloying - a light and gentle coconut oil which we really enjoyed." - Great Taste Judge

"A lovely mellow, fragrant coconut aroma. This oil has perfect clarity, it's so clean on the palate and not greasy at all. There's a really delicate flavour of coconut; it's not soapy as some coconut oils can be. The judges want to seek this oil out. Great!" - Great Taste Judge

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Raw sugar



"Pale golden crystals with a deep molasses aroma  as of treacly syrup. The sugar offers a lovely little crunch on the palate which dissolves slowly releasing warm caramel tones. There is a wonderful butterscotch finish which lingers very well. This is quite delicious." - Great Taste Judge

"Toffee coloured crystals of a uniform size. A caramel aroma lingers in the air before you even taste the sugar. The initial texture is of pure crunch that then results in a gentle melt in the mouth experience. We thought the term butterscotch sugar was applicable. This is a delicious sugar and deserves a star."- Great Taste Judge" - Great Taste Judge

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Gir Cow Ghee



"Rich, creamy and opulent looking butter. The flavour notes are those of milky lactic cheese and semi sour yogurt. The texture appears correct.. We really like the creamy grassy fermented aspect of your butter, but this product did divide the judges." - Great Taste Judge

"An indulgent and colourful clarified butter with Lactic Fermented aroma. There is a cheesiness to the aroma and the flavour- an earthiness. There is a slightly cheesy note on this ghee and when you try it, it adds another dimension, starting with a lactic acidy, moving into a gentle brown buttery mouthful that almost had a hint of truffle. It worked surprisingly well and was just that little bit different from the norm." - Great Taste Judge

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