Naini's Food Sense: Fats and Oils

Naini's Food Sense: Fats and Oils

For years our grandmothers told us to eat cow’s ghee as an aid for the whole body.

We believed fats were bad, and now we are finally realising the need to re-include fats in our diet on a daily basis.

The days of low fat diets are long gone. In the presence of fat vitamin A, D, E and K, are absorbed by the body – thus our memory sharpens, hair becomes lustrous, skin glows and eyesight improves.

Fat is essential for healthy & strong bones, and every bodily function improves with it.

Choose your fats wisely. Go local, seasonal and buy cold-pressed and organic whether it is ghee or oil.

Cow Ghee

More valuable than gold, ghee is a promoter of health, memory, intelligence and provides vital nourishment. It is great to cook with due to its high melting point.

Mustard Oil 

A winter fat, it eases joint pains and arthritis, has antibacterial, antifungal and antinflammatory properties that are similar to olive oil while also adding flavour to food.  

Coconut Oil

Restores thyroid function and controls erratic blood sugar swings. It tastes excellent in stews, curries and tempering’s of soups and chutneys.

Peanut Oil

Controls cholesterol, lower blood pressure and boost immune system.

The chameleon of fats this oil blends with almost any cuisine.

Sesame Oil

Improving bone quality, relieving anxiety and boosting circulation and metabolism are benefits of having this oil.

Commonly used in Chinese, Korean and Indian cooking this oil is known to tempt the taste buds.

Fat satiates, thus giving you energy for a longer time and preventing you from overeating. 

You might look good without fat on the edges of your body, but without fat the brain is dysfunctional – after all, sixty percent of the brain is made of fat!

This article is written by Conscious Food’s nutrition advisor, Naini Setalvad. Naini has been a practicing Obesity, Lifestyle & Disease Consultant for the past 20 years and is based about of Mumbai. You can read about her, her work and her services here


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