Sprouting and Its Secrets!

Sprouting and Its Secrets!

Want a tasty, healthy, AND easy-to-prepare snack? Start sprouting! 

Sprouts add the right amount of crunch to our favorite salads, and when cooked with spices, sprouts can also make for a wholesome and delicious protein-packed meal. 

What is sprouting? 


Sprouting is the process of soaking legumes and other whole seeds, such as moong dal, chickpeas, and sunflower seeds, in water, till you see them develop a tail-like protrusion. This process helps remove toxins from the seeds and improve their nutritional and digestive properties. Sprouting is the seeds way of germinating: they begin to shed their toxins- such as phytic acid and saponins, and become more nutrient rich. 


We can sprout most grains, beans, and nuts. 


How can I start sprouting at home?


With slight variations to the process, depending on what we sprout, the procedure for sprouting has some common elements. It is as time-intensive a process as it is effortless. However, it will be worth your time, because it is packed with nutrients and protein. 


1. Soak the Seeds

The first step is soaking the seeds in a pot or jar of water.

The usual proportion: 3 portions of water for 1 portion of seeds. The container can be covered with a breathable muslin or cheesecloth and the seeds should be left to soak for 6–10 hours.


2. Drain & Rinse

Drain the water using a sieve or soft mesh, and rinse the sprouts with cold water.


3. Repeat the Rinse

After the first rinse, place the container with the seeds in an upside-down tilted (45 degrees) position. You can place it in a sieve or sprouting jar and cover the mouth of the jar with a soft net to allow excess water to drain. Keep rinsing 2–3 times a day, at regular intervals, and always place the jar in the described position.


4. The Final Rinse

Once the sprouted shoots are at the desired length (this may take a couple of days), rinse them one final time and lay the seeds on an absorbent kitchen towel, letting them air-dry for 30–60 minutes.


5. Store Them Well

Once dry, store the sprouts in a container lined with a kitchen towel (to soak in the extra moisture.) You can refrigerate them for a week. 


Why are sprouts good for me?

Sprouts provide multiple benefits for the body, including:-


Adds Fiber to Your Diet

Rich in fibers, sprouts work wonders for the diet by keeping constipation at bay, satiating hunger, and controlling the metabolism rate.


Improves Immunity

Sprouting enhances the vitamin and mineral content of the food, thus helping in improving the immunity of the body.


Makes Your Heart Healthier

Sprouting lends an alkalizing nature to the seeds/pulses. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids that balance the body pH levels and regulate the cholesterol and stress levels.


The secret of sprouts is simple: soak, sprinkle, and slurp. It’s tasty, versatile in its use, and power packed with health! 

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