SUPERfood Series x Conscious Food

SUPERfood Series x Conscious Food

SUPERfood Series is about extraordinary ingredients from around the world and the innovative entrepreneurs using them to make us healthier and happier.

Created, produced, directed and shot by women – featuring women!

Season one features four entrepreneurs and four ingredients: CBD, maca, mushrooms and turmeric. Many countries, trials and triumphs.

Their trailer features Marissa Bronfman’s journey with turmeric and her startup Shot of Gold.

We are delighted to have been part of this journey, that begins in India – discovering Tumeric, the ancient anti-inflammatory superfood! Watch the full trailer here.

Shooting with Conscious Food in Bombay was extra special for me. Besides sharing a similar passion for the organic food movement and the ability of spices and superfoods like turmeric to heal people, I personally used Conscious Food products in my own kitchen when I lived here. The six years I lived in India taught me about the power of food, specifically the magic of India’s golden spice: turmeric. Returning to India and Conscious Food’s headquarters with my own turmeric startup, Shot of Gold, felt like a very beautiful and meaningful full circle.”  – Marissa Bronfman, Creator and Producer of SUPERfood The Series, Founder of Shot of Gold turmeric.

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