The Amazing Health Benefits of Kashmiri Chilli Powder

The Amazing Health Benefits of Kashmiri Chilli Powder

The world knows about the love affair of Indians and spices. Spices are the heart and soul of every dish we eat and love. But there are certain spices that we cannot imagine cooking without.

Kashmiri Chilli Powder is one such spice that you will see in every Indian kitchen. The dried and powdered form of red chili adds a rich flavor and spice kick to the food. The unique characteristic of Kashmiri Chilli is that it has a mild flavor. Therefore, it can be used in dishes without making them too hot.

Moreover, it leaves a vibrant red color (much richer than red food color), which makes it palatable to our taste and appetizing to the eyes. But apart from making the food flavourful and visually appealing, it has a lot of health benefits. Low in heat and extremely rich in nutritional value, Kashmiri chili powder is a source of numerous health benefits.


Rich in Vitamins:


You can throw out those multi-vitamin supplements if you just include this magical spice in your daily diet. Kashmiri Chilli powder is a good source of vitamin C. Daily intake of vitamin C is essential for great hair and skin health. It also helps in building stronger immunity. It is also rich in the vitamin B complex, which is beneficial for the nervous system and maintains energy levels. These also benefit the digestive system and brain health. Its ability to supplement Vitamin A and flavonoids is also great for hair, skin, and nail health. 


Has Antioxidant properties:


Kashmiri chili powder is a good source of various antioxidants which control and convert the active free radicals in the blood. Therefore, including this spice in the daily diet can meet your body's requirement for antioxidants resulting in anti-aging and optimal health.


Great source of Minerals:


Full of essential minerals like iron, potassium, copper, and manganese, Kashmiri chili powder can be a superfood. With iron deficiency becoming so common among youngsters these days, this spice can increase the number of red blood cells in the body and improve the oxygen capacity of the cells.


Helps in Digestion and Respiratory issues:


Kashmiri Chilli powder is a natural detoxifying agent as it clears out all the toxins and waste from our bodies. Digestion issues can be easily solved with a regular intake of chili. It not only aids in digestion but also controls intestinal gas problems.


Being mildly hot can clearly cure a blocked nose and cure a cold, resulting in a better respiratory system.


To reap the maximum health benefits of this wonder spice, make sure to consume its natural form, free of added colors and harmful chemicals. There is nothing like growing your own chilies, but it is not practically possible for everyone. However, certain brands care for their customer's health and strive to provide the best quality Kashmiri chili powder. So incorporate this spice in your diet regularly and see the benefits yourself.

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