What Is The Difference Between Coconut Oil And Organic Coconut Oil?

What Is The Difference Between Coconut Oil And Organic Coconut Oil?

With time, coconut oil has turned out to be a universal oil that is not only used for cooking purposes but also for hair & skincare, weight loss as well as dental care. 


However, organic cold-pressed coconut oil is more popular and demanded in the market because it is free from preservatives and packed with high nutritional values.


You must know that the cold-pressing technique of extraction does not utilize heat or air due to which all the antioxidants and nutrients are present in the coconut oil. 


But when you explore the online store, you might come around with different coconut oils like organic cold-pressed coconut oil and regular coconut oil, leaving you confused about which one is the best. 


How is coconut oil different from organic coconut oil?

Coconut oil or non-organic coconut oil is prepared from copra or dried coconut meat that has already been purified using bleaching clays as the contaminant levels increase during the time of the drying process.  


It is then treated using high heat so that distinctive odor, as well as flavor, is removed. However, there are some producers who make use of chemical solvents to extract the oil from the copra as much as possible. 


On the other hand, some producers of coconut oil also moderately hydrogenate the oil that further forms trans-fatty acids. 


Organic or pure coconut oil is extracted straight from the fresh coconut meat rather than dried. The coconut meat which is utilized for making organic coconut oil mainly undergoes two processes like quick drying or wet milling. 


However, the most commonly used process is quick-drying which helps in drying out the coconut meat rapidly and expresses the oil mechanically. 


On the other hand, the process of wet milling takes place when the coconut milk is extracted from the fresh meat. Further, the milk is fermented, boiled or separated with the help of enzymes. 


This type of process does not involve bleaching or the use of additives due to which it is done fast. Keep one thing in mind, organic coconut oil is not exposed to high heat which assists in retaining all the natural flavor and odor of the oil.  


The cold-pressed coconut oil is extremely beneficial for adults and children because it has all the essential vitamins and minerals 



Major differences between coconut oil and organic coconut oil


There are some major differences between both the coconut oils:


  • The distinctive flavor and odor of organic coconut oil are retained well but the regular coconut oil is odorless as well as tasteless. 
  • Organic coconut oil is costly despite being less processed when compared to regular coconut oil. 
  • Organic coconut oil retains all the nutrients that are not possible with coconut oil. 
  • Regular coconut oil comes with a smaller shelf life than organic coconut oil. 


In short, it can be said that cold-pressed coconut oil for cooking is the best option because, in this way, you can attain great health benefits. Therefore, you can buy organic coconut oil from Conscious Food. 





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