What is the Nutritional Value and Benefits of Natural Unprocessed Sugar?

What is the Nutritional Value and Benefits of Natural Unprocessed Sugar?

“I hate sweets,” said nobody ever. Sweet food items have always been a huge hit in cuisines across the globe. Irrespective of the cultural diversity, sweets have made an indispensable place for themselves in the culinary world. Consequently, sugar nearly became a necessity in all kitchens for a significant amount of time. This was until the advent of healthier alternatives to sugar.

More and more people have started to become aware of the negative impact of synthetic sugars or sweeteners on the physical health of the human body. As a result, natural unprocessed sugar is becoming increasingly popular among people who are particularly conscious about their health.

Natural Sugar - What is the Difference?

While it is true that a high level of sugar consumption is detrimental to health, people often fail to consider that even its quality matters.

If you eat less sugar, but that sugar is not reflective of good quality, you are likely to be as much at risk as those consuming high amounts of sugar. Shifting to natural unprocessed sugar becomes a wise decision under such circumstances.

Natural sugar can be defined as nothing but sugar that is made using sugarcane that is naturally grown, which makes absolutely no use of artificial chemicals. Thus, sugarcane is completely safe for consumption as no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are used. Natural sugar made from these sugarcanes is also safe as chemicals are completely excluded in the procedures of processing and refining.

Natural Sugar - The Benefits

  • No Toxins

A chief benefit of natural unprocessed sugar is the absence of toxins that come from the use of pesticides. Sugarcane is highly prone to insect attacks, which prompts farmers to turn to generous application of chemical pesticides. The toxins from these chemicals seep into the plant, thus rendering it risky for consumption. Consuming natural sugar eliminates this risk factor.

  • Rich Taste and Flavour

There are multiple steps in the process of refining sugar. Regular sugar is subjected to exposure to various chemicals such as sulphur dioxide, calcium hydroxide, and phosphoric acid. This affects the depth of flavour in the sugar. As natural sugar is not treated with chemicals, the profile of flavour remains intact. Consequently, dishes made using natural unprocessed sugar have a richer taste and flavour development

  • Nutritional Benefits

In comparison with refined sugar, natural sugar has much more nutritional value. Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C as well as minerals like sodium, magnesium, calcium, and iron are found in natural sugar. The nutritional composition of natural unprocessed sugar seems even better when one considers that regular refined sugar simply contains glucose and sucrose. Amino acids are also plentiful in the former, which makes natural sugar a healthy alternative.

  • Eco-Friendly

Natural unprocessed sugar is the result of production processes that make no use of artificial chemicals. This takes care of the physical health of humans. But the environment benefits from natural sugar as well. The sugarcane used in the production of natural sugar is cultivated on organic farms. This means that no significant additions are made to the levels of pollution. Erosion of soil is also prevented with the use of environment-friendly measures. It is a known fact that sugarcane needs large quantities of water to grow. Organic farming ensures that these requirements are met in a controlled manner, thus preventing wastage of water.

Thus, it can be concluded that natural sugar is not only beneficial to human health but also benefits the environment indirectly. The carbon footprint of natural unprocessed sugar production procedures is low, which makes it a much better alternative to regular sugar, given the high demand for sugar in markets across the globe.

If you are looking for even more alternatives to regular sugar, honey is a strong candidate. Natural honey is rich in antioxidants and works wonderfully well for adding a tasteful depth to recipes. Moreover, one can easily find quality raw honey online. Rather than visiting actual markets and looking for respective quality products, buying natural honey online is a convenient alternative.

If you are in search of platforms to access natural sugar online or are looking to buy natural honey online, reach out to us at Conscious Food.

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