Advantages Of Ragi Flour

Why is Ragi flour considered to be a wonderful grain?

Whole grains such as barley, brown rice, and ragi were staples in our traditional diet after which grains like wheat and rice gained prominence and overshadowed some of the ancient grains.


A whole grain is one that contains three parts of the kernel - the bran, germ and endosperm. Refined grains on the other hand are processed to contain only the endosperm. This makes the whole grain a healthier choice as they contain fibre-dense bran and other essential nutrients that are not lost due to processing.


Popularly known as finger millets, ragi is one such food grain that is making a comeback. Finger Millet Flour, which is densely packed with a host of nutrients confers several health benefits such as enhancing digestion, reducing the risk of heart disease, slowing down the ageing process and managing diabetes as well as being rich in Calcium and Iron.

For your information, here are the nutritional facts about finger millet flour, the wonder grain, that will make you add it to your diet as soon as possible.

  • It is very helpful for those battling anaemia:

Ragi flour is a great source of iron and can be a boon for anaemic patients or people with low haemoglobin levels. The vitamin C in Ragi increases manifold when it is allowed to sprout, allowing easy absorption of iron. You can consume it in many forms like ragi dosa, ragi balls. Ragi served as porridge is highly nutritious.

  • Aids Weight loss:

The high dietary fibre content in the finger millet flour keeps the stomach full for a longer time, lowering the cravings. This minimizes the appetite and keeps the weight in check. Ragi flour lowers blood sugar levels in the body by activating the release of insulin. It is best consumed in the morning to give a kick start to the digestive system and give you a feeling of fullness for the rest of the day.

  • Helps dealing with anxiety and depression:

Regular consumption of finger millet flour in your diet helps to relax the body and deals with conditions like anxiety, depression and insomnia. It works as a natural relaxant due to the presence of antioxidants, amino acids and Tryptophan. Some studies done on ragi atta online also suggest that ragi consumption is useful for migraines. So treating yourself with a ragi pancake or ragi cookie once in a while can be beneficial to your health.

  • It has anti-ageing properties:

Ragi tops the list of antioxidants in Indian foods. Ragi does wonders in keeping the skin young. Vital amino acids like methionine and lysine present in it make the skin tissues less prone to wrinkles and sagging skin. Ragi is one of the very few sources of vitamin D which is mostly obtained from sunlight. Vitamin D is also a carrier module for calcium, that accounts for vitality. Calcium is essential for healthy bones, teeth and for the prevention of osteoporosis (a disease that weakens the bones).

  • Helps in controlling diabetes:

The organic Ragi flour online is abundant in polyphenols and dietary fibres as compared to rice, maize or wheat. The low glycemic index keeps you full for a longer time and maintains the digestive pace consequently keeping the blood sugar level in check. You can have it with a Porridge in the morning or lunch to keep your system on track the entire day. If you want to check the healthiest and the most mouth-watering ragi flour recipes, consider hitting the follow button on our social media handles.

  • It is a healthy, tasty and versatile gluten-free option:

We often find ourselves stuck for gluten-free options, but this grain is easily available all over India and it can be made into rotis and used as a delicious atta substitute.

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