Our Process

Extensive and Careful

As a carbon neutral brand, our process is an integrative one that pays careful attention to every step. We pledge to source organic and non-processed foods and package them in reusable or refillable parcels.

The words “organic food” might be used very loosely today. What makes food organic?

  • The farm that the food is grown in cannot utilize a drop of pesticides in their fields.
  • Third party certifying bodies conduct regular checks in these farms over a 3 year period.
  • Bio-fertilizers used, date of the harvested crop, hygiene standards etc. are recorded.
  • After similar routine observations, food from a farm is given its “organic” label.

To save you from trouble of hunting down foods that maintain all the aforementioned criteria, we at Conscious Food conduct stringent checks before sourcing our foods from local farmers.

Meals cooked with our single-ingredient whole foods carry the promise of health, sustainability, and care.

But, why organic?
Organic farming is a proactive and preemptive approach towards reducing the negative effects of agricultural interventions on the agro-ecosystem. It uses natural fertilizers and practices like crop rotation, intercropping, and natural fertilizers, to improve soil structure. By steering away from toxic fertilizers, pesticides, and GMOs, organic foods help in the following 3 most important ways -

- Mitigates greenhouse effect
- Helps revive the carbon levels in the soil
- Promotes animal welfare and biodiversity