Gifting Good Health

A gift of good health lasts a lifetime. Express your gratitude and goodwill to your business associates, employees, and customers with Conscious Food healthy gift hampers.

Select from curated collections or curate your own
All gifting bundles can be customised as per your requirement

Immunity Booster Bundle

  • Awla Powder 100gms
  • Turmeric Powder 100gms
  • Wild Forest Honey 500gms
  • Flax Seeds 150gms
  • Green Tea Plus 50gms
BUY NOW Rs 1130

Gluten-Free Bundle

  • Sprouted Ragi Atta 200gms
  • Brown Rice / Chawal Atta 500gms
  • Sorghum / Jowar Atta 500gms
  • Pearl Millet / Bajra Atta 500gms
  • Amaranth / Rajgira Atta 500gms
BUY NOW Rs 679

Bestseller Bundle 1

  • Wild Forest Honey 200gms
  • Apple Cider vinegar 500ml
  • After Meal Digestive 100gms
BUY NOW Rs 1350

Breakfast Bundle

  • Upma Mix 200gms
  • Dosa Mix 500gms
  • Sprouted Split Wheat / Dalia 200gms
  • Brown Rice Flakes / Desi Poha 500gms
  • Red Rice Flakes / Lal Poha 200gms
BUY NOW Rs 577

Superfood Bundle

  • Spirulina Powder 100gms
  • Moringa Powder 100gms
  • Green Tea Plus 50gms
  • Flax Seeds 150gms
BUY NOW Rs 999

Bestseller Bundle 2

  • Wild Forest Honey 200gms
  • Raw Sugar 500gms
  • Tomato Ketchup 250gms
  • Rock Salt/ Saindhav 50gms
BUY NOW Rs 950

Seed Combo Bundle

  • Sunflower Seeds 100gms
  • Pumpkin Seeds 100gms
  • Flax Seeds 150gms
BUY NOW Rs 680

Aftermeal Bundle

  • Ginger Drops 100gms
  • Peppermint Drops 100gms
  • After Meal Digestive 150gms
BUY NOW Rs 499

Organisations can make a discerning and progressive choice to show that they value the people and the planet. Quite a few of them have chosen to gift healthy and natural with Conscious Food and show what they really care about. You too can join the healthy gifting movement.

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