Is Ragi Atta Healthy?

Is Ragi Atta Healthy?

Ragi is an ancient grain and is extremely popular in India due to its amazing health benefits. Also known as finger millet, ragi atta is prepared by crushing dried grains, drying, and then ultimately grinding them.

One of the best things about finger millet flour is that it is a powerhouse of good carbohydrates and since ragi is too tiny to be polished or processed which means you can consume it in its purest form.

You need to know that ragi has always been a part of the Indian diet because it's very healthy. In case you are gluten intolerant then ragi atta is very good for you because it is rich in protein and also gluten-free at the same time.

However, nowadays several online stores offer ragi atta online at a very reasonable price. Make sure you choose the right online store to buy pure and adulteration-free ragi atta.

When compared to any other millets, grains, and cereals, ragi contains more potassium as well as calcium. Although many people prefer buying jowar atta online, ragi atta is healthier.

It is said that finger millet is a great laxative because of the high fiber content that further helps in preventing constipation. Ragi atta should be consumed by lactating mothers who are not able to produce sufficient milk for feeding their babies.

Why do you need to include ragi atta in your diet?

Here are some amazing health benefits of ragi atta, making it important for you to add to your diet.

● Packed with calcium

Ragi flour is often considered the top non-dairy source of calcium when compared to several other grains. You will be glad to know that 100 grams of ragi contain 344mg calcium.

Remember that calcium is necessary for you to have healthy bones and teeth as well as prevent the chances of osteoporosis.

● Aids weight loss

Ragi contains an amino acid named Tryptophan that helps in reducing your appetite. When compared to white rice and other grains, ragi has more dietary fiber. Most of the fats in finger millet are unsaturated fats. As a result, it is considered an ideal choice for people who want to lose weight.

● Control diabetes

The grain’s seed coat is packed with polyphenols as well as dietary fibers that are more in comparison to rice, wheat, or maize. The low glycemic index helps in decreasing food cravings and maintaining the digestive pace properly. This further helps in keeping blood sugar in control and within the safe range.

It is always better to include ragi in your morning meals or add it to your lunch because this will definitely help you in keeping your system on track for the entire day.

● Fights against anemia

Ragi atta is considered an outstanding source of natural iron which makes it beneficial for anemic patients and for those who have low hemoglobin levels.
Once ragi sprouts, the levels of vitamin C boost and assure easy absorption of iron into your bloodstream.

Therefore, if you want to buy pure ragi atta, Conscious Food online store is the right place.

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